Essential Moving Supplies

No matter if you choose to work with your family and friends, or hire experienced Redondo Beach movers, you will surely need some of the following essential moving supplies. Read our list and make sure you are prepared for the move.

  1. movers-services-270x300Moving Boxes Get them from a moving or packing supply company. They will have boxes that are well-made and meant for this activity. The advantage to acquiring your boxes from movers is they will be uniform in size and strength.
  1. Bubble wrap A lot of shaking happens during the move. One of the best materials you can use for protection on your fragile items is bubble wrap.
  1. Paper wrapping Use newsprint paper.  This is available from packing supply and moving companies. Use it along with bubble wrap to fill-up the empty spaces in boxes or to wrap fragile items, using it generously. It will prevent items moving inside boxed during the transportation.
  1. Packing tape Make sure you get them with dispensers for easy cutting.
  1. Masking Tapes Use them to seal the moving boxes and for labeling those boxes. Use a marker on a masking tape to label the boxes.
  1. Colored Stickers They will help you identify packing materials and help movers know certain categories of stuff in case you used a color coding scheme.
  1. Foam and Inflatable Bags If you have glass, ceramics, antiques and other breakable items, consider these two packing materials to cushion the valuables.
  1. Garbage Bags Garbage bags have numerous of uses, besides the obvious one for trash. They can be used for some protection from unexpected wet weather and also provide a low degree of protection for your cargo. Use them to transport some clothes and pillows.  Do not neglect this simple, but effective way to transport some items.

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