LA Movers – 5 Tips for Packing Fragile Objects!

cheap-la-moving-300x162Fragile items cost a fortune, especially if they are made of expensive materials, like delicate porcelain. Also, electronic devices, especially big screen TV’s are very sensitive and must be protected using the right materials. Besides economic values, some of the items have historical and emotional value. Replacing them is impossible. In this blog post, LA movers offer 5 tips for packing fragile objects.

1)     Plan everything in advance. If you are worried about the safety of your most delicate items, take some time off and carefully plan the move. You will need to make an inventory list and register all the fragile items. Search for more info about how they must be transported if you have time. Packing and moving an ancient Chinese vase is totally different than doing the same operation for a sturdier piano.

2)     Buy the right materials. The safety of your items depends directly on the quality and type of materials used to pack them. Buy covers, plastic sealing bags, Styrofoam, polystyrene foam, bubble wrap, double-walled boxes and so on.

3)     Use adequate packing techniques.  We recommend you to use double boxing or other similar method for packing fragile items.  Another method is to use double-walled boxes, which are tougher and absorb shocks better.

4)     How to pack glasses.  Wrap glasses individually using packing paper and placing crumpled paper in order to reduce empty space. Create layers of top and bottom cushioning materials using packing paper or polystyrene. Also, fill in the space around glasses with packing paper. Place the heavier glasses on the bottom and lighter ones on the top of the box. Label the box correctly.

5)     Hire a local mover. Sometimes, this is the best thing you can do. Hire a mover and ask for a team of evaluators. They will help you with more info and effective moving strategies.

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