What Moving Supplies Do You Need

Selecting the right supplies for the move is a vital part of the whole process.  Before you pack, ensure that you have high quality supplies that will be able to fulfill the tasks ahead.  Movers in Redondo Beach offer a great variety of moving supplies and services. If you need external help with anything moving related, contact them.   But first, let us recap the list with the most important supplies.

  1. moving-supplies-for-santa-clarita-moving-boxes-Boxes are crucial for your move and you must ensure that you do not pack the items in very thin boxes or boxes that present physical damage marks. Boxes can be found everywhere, in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and durability. We recommend you to use double-walled boxes for packing fragile items.  Carefully calculate how many boxes you will need.
  2. Bubble wrap. Make sure to buy sufficient rolls of bubble wrap. You will need it to pack various fragile items. It will be used as cushioning material. Foam wrap is an alternative.
  3. Shrink wrap.  Wide shrink wrap is excellent for repackaging large items such as appliances. Narrow shrink wrap is ideal for bundling long, skinny items such as curtain rods and rakes.
  4. Furniture covers. You will need specialized mattresses bags and covers for your upholstery, leather sofas and furniture pieces.
  5. Forearm Lifts – A forearm lift is a heavy strap that wraps around your forearms and allows you and another person to carry bulky items without having to lift them high.
  6. You will need some accessories to help you organize the move. Purchase and use markets, cardboard labels, scissors, tapes and utility knives. Make sure to properly label each box according with its content. Pay more attention to fragile items and make sure boxes containing them will be on the top of the box pile.

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